May 11th-15th Parent Newsletter

Happy Graduation week!!!!! I hope you moms all had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Here is our class news for the week…

Last Week: Last week, was our last full week of school. We have been practicing very hard for graduation and they can’t wait to show off what they have learned.


Phonics: Review Book J and just keep reading. Keep reading everyday and practice circling special sounds and marking vowels. This is very important. We are almost done!


Numbers: Review number families, practicing one or two families a day. Keep making up word problems and have your child give you combinations and answers. Also keep practicing addition, subtraction, time, and money.


Memory Verse of the Week: Please keep practicing Psalm 23 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-11.


Events: May 14th– Bookoo Bounce field trip

May 15th– KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION! Ceremony begins at 9am


Don’t Forget: Make sure to check snack schedule every day. Please keep practicing the verses and the lines I sent home for them to practice for graduation. It’s so close! We are 4 days away! Thursday is our Bookoo Bounce field trip. Don’t forget car seats and socks. Lunch will be provided. Then Friday is our Kindergarten Graduation! The day we have been waiting for. Please send gowns on a hanger. The ceremony begins at 9am. Please be early/on time. Your child must come to class and get here no later than 8:30am.



Monday: Read Book J for practice. Review special sounds, addition, subtraction, time, and all coins. Practice verses and lines for graduation as well.

Tuesday: Just keep reading. Review special sounds, word problems, time, and money. Practice verses and lines for graduation.

Thursday: No Homework




Congratulations Kindergarten Graduates!



You can contact me at


God Bless!

Love in Christ,

Erin Smith